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Products and Solutions

In co-operation with our clients worldwide, we have provided many solutions to specific problems and developed generic customer specifications for use throughout the world. Specifications based on National and International Cable Standards are transferred by our engineers into specific cable designs, which are then manufactured on our “state of the art” production equipment.

The detailed technical documentation, delivered at the time of the quotation, ensures that there are no misunderstandings when the cable is delivered. This also forms the basis for the testing procedures, warranties and certifications that are required after the cable has been manufactured.

Catalogues are available as pdf-files (pdf-download).

In addition our online-catalogue for instrumentation and control cables currently shows more than 8000 different cables. You can use the comprehensive tile navigation or the product finder to get the cable you require.


Discover ….
… the optimized cable solution for any plant

The ICON product range covers our cable products for measurement, control and monitoring applications in the fields of oil, gas, petro chemistry and other industries. ICON includes instrumentation cables, thermocouple extension and compensation cables, control, and bus cables according to the EN50288-7 standard as well as UL standards. The entire range is based on these internationally recognised standards and offers standard as well as custom solutions. 

You know your request – ICON possess the cable solution:




 ensures reliability performance for all common conditions




 safely ensures functionality of your plant in contact to aggressive chemicals.




 offers excellent properties for applications in extremely cold environments




assures circuit integrity in case of fire




meets or exceeds enhanced requirements within new automation technology